The Informed CBD Shopper Story
The inspiration behind our platform and goals

It Began with Identifying a Need

Informed CBD Shopper is the product of an evolution of sorts. After a varied and eclectic career in industries including aviation, fine dining, customer service, and bookkeeping, I started my cannabis journey working for a testing laboratory.  During this time, I was impressed, and at times, overwhelmed, with the huge amount of information in the industry, the incredible amount of products, and the number of strong personalities. Feeling inspired, I started a cannabis consulting company in 2018. The primary goal of this firm was to help businesses run more efficiently by helping them manage their back-end systems like accounting, inventory, and CRM.

In the first stages of my consulting company, I was brought into the CBD space and spent 2019 selling extraction equipment to a variety of labs around the country. I realized that education and clearer navigation of the market was largely needed in the industry. Many companies were making amazing products, but keeping their focus on quality and innovation did not leave much time for marketing and sales. I saw a number of great companies struggle to sell products with the potential to benefit and help many people, and I wanted to help them.

Our three major goals:

1) Provide consumers a variety of educational tools and options to find the best products for them

To speak to education and options, Informed CBD Shopper features the first comprehensive product comparison option in any CBD marketplace or website. By allowing customers to compare products by their attributes and features, it makes finding the best CBD product easy since multiple brands and consumption options are together in one place, easily compared at the click of a button. The product comparison feature removes the confusion of comparing similar products and allows a consumer to view up to four different products at once to help decide the best one for them.

2) Without compromising quality, provide outstanding products at a fair and reasonable price to make CBD and Hemp products more approachable for everyone

Quality and effective products are essential to our brand, our customers, and our partners. Too many users have had the unfortunate experience of spending a significant amount of money on a product that ultimately does nothing for them. That is the single biggest situation we are here to prevent. Our process of choosing a brand begins with the Informed CBD Shopper team hand-selecting them for representation. The products are then tested and reviewed before finally being put on the site, where third-party review companies, as well as consumers themselves, can add their valuable feedback and input.

3) Give quality-focused and service-oriented brands an outlet to showcase their products so they can focus on making effective and innovative products without needing to split their attention and energy on promotion and distribution

There are so many CBD and Hemp brands in the marketplace today, it can be difficult to promote them and gain traction, even if the products are fantastic. The dedication to supporting companies who also share a vision of helping others is essential to our platform and one of the other core founding principles of the company. Our goal is to showcase a variety of brands and product offerings but never compromising quality or integrity to do so.

In addition to keeping quality and value at the forefront of what we do, Informed CBD Shopper is also committed to education. Our advisory team of experts is here to make sure any information is verified through multiple credible sources so consumers can have confidence in the information they are getting. Customer feedback is encouraged in all circumstances and exceptional service and support are absolute requirements for us.

As this company grows, we look forward to bringing more innovations and resources to the industry as a whole. For the time being, we are very excited to launch this platform and do our part to help and support the CBD and Hemp industries as they continue to grow.

Thank you for reading and for being here at Informed CBD Shopper.

Knowledge is power!

-Daniel Pruitt

Founder & CEO

Daniel Pruitt
2 January, 2021
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